Superheros Assemble

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Superheros Assemble! ...and that's what we did! Over 200 people from Pack 926 met this past weekend to enjoy incredible weather and time with our families. We started out Friday evening with a hike & banana boats! We started the day on Saturday with a hearty mountain man breakfast and flag ceremony by our Webelos I. The dens then divided into teams and turned their leaders into their very own superhero of the day. They named them and gave them special powers. We had "Math Man", who could solve any algebra problem and make it rain money. Also there was "Incredible Scout", "Captain Nature Leafhead" and my personal favorite - "Golden Guardian" who had a guitar that turned into a bazooka! All day Saturday our "superhero" scouts & me toos were moving from station to station, learning new skills and showing off existing ones! We had an Superhero Training Academy where they showed they could run as fast as a speeding bullet, had strength of a locamotive and then they leaped our tall (made from megablocks) buildings! They also learned tent building & knot tying. They played a special version of soccer - "Flash vs. Quicksilver" and then worked to crack a secret code.

But, hands down yet again, the favorite was the zip line. This time, they donned a red cape, wielded their hammer and flew down the zip line as Thor. They threw their hammer in order to get justice aginst Loki! It seems you can never get enough zip line time! The evening ended with our campfire program. We welcomed 34 new Bobcats followed by a time of skits and jokes around the fire. We ended the weekend on Sunday morning with our Webelos I leading us in a Scouts Own service. All in all, a great weekend!

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