Pack 926 Camping Tips

Our pack camps twice a year for families - once in Fall and once in Spring. These are family camps and brothers, sisters, Moms & Dads are all included. Even if you have a Mom that "doesn't camp", you (she) should give it a try! It's quality fun for the entire family!

We usually arrive on Friday evenings between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. If you are a novie tent-putter-upper, then arriving before dark will improve your success rate immensly! Dinner is on your own for Friday evening, but Saturday meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner - as well as Sunday breakfast are all included.

Dens camp together near each other. Families camp with their scouts in their tents. For Webelos, they will camp with other Webelos and their families will camp nearby. The pack provides tents for Webelos.

There is always a theme. In the past we've had pirates, medieval forts, Olympics & more. We've even had Minecraft. There is a mix of games and scouting skills/achievements that are blended into the theme for the kids to enjoy.

Saturday usually starts with breakfast around 7:30am followed by a Flag Ceremony. The dens are given a chance to prepare for their day and then we have "rotations" throughout the morning and afternoon. Each den moves from station to station complete their activities. In the evening there is usually a campfire program including ceremonies, skits & more.

Sunday morning includes a quick breakfast and a Scouts Own Service - conducted & led by scouts. Each den is assigned an area for cleanup and we are usually out of camp no later than 11:00am.

We are a "green" pack, so each family needs to bring their own mess kits including a plate and/or bowl, cup and utensils to eat with. You can get these at Wal-Mart, Academy or Amazon depending your preference.

Dress Code is "on your own" for Friday, Class B Uniform (Pack T-shirt) on Saturday and Class A uniform (your official uniform) for the Campfire Program on Saturday evening. Scouts performing the Scouts Own service on Sunday morning should also wear Class A uniforms. (This is usually Web I's or II's)

What to Bring

  • Tent, sleeping bags, pillows, mats or blow up mattresses (if you like) and camp chairs. Also, a tarp under your tent will make cleanup much easier. Note: Tents are much smaller than advertised, so you might want to buy a tent a bit bigger than the number of members in your family.

  • Water bottle/cup, mess kit including utensils (Everyone will do their own dishes)

  • Toiletries - soap, shampoo, flip flops/swimsuits/towels (for showers if you plan to take one)

  • Flashlights - might want to put new batteries in them

  • Sunscreen & bug spray

  • Class A uniform including neckerchief & slide (cap if you have it). Make sure you ask an experienced Mom/Dad how to tie the knot in the neckerchief so that the slide doesn't fall off, or you'll end up replacing your slides by the end of the weekend!

  • Class B uniforms - pack T-Shirts

  • Rain ponchos (if you like)

  • Closed-toe shoes

What to Leave at Home

  • ALCOHOL - strictly prohibited

  • Electronic games

  • Pets

A few other notes and reminders:

  • No smoking is permitted in the presence or within the eyesight of Scouts and Me Toos.

  • We usually do NOT have electricity for eveyone to use. So, invest in a good iPhone portable charger! :-)

  • All adults should complete Youth Protection Training (YPT). It is online at You can print a copy of your certificate and bring it with you if you haven't already turned it in.

  • You must have submitted a completed health form including a copy of your insurance card. You can print a blank here and fill it out if you haven't already:

  • Any Webelos who plan to use their knives (within the Webelos camping area) must bring their Whittling Chip Card

Finally, remember that you are making memories! Camping is sometimes hard and everyone gets tired, but the skills learned and the time spent is well invested! Checkout photos of previous camp outs here:

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